A New Take On the MONSTER BAG With Visuals by Dr. Woo Himself


READYMADE, the Japanese brand founded by Yuta Hosokawa and known for their work with upcycled / reworked vintage military gear and American iconography, has partnered with famed tattoo artist Dr. Woo in a special edition of their popular MONSTER BAG series.

In keeping with READYMADE's upcycled bent, the collaborative project uses vintage military tent material, and an "Eco Fur" partially made out of dietary fiber. As READYMADE explained, the eco-friendly fur "reflects on READYMADE's philosophy, 'recycling what's supposed to be useless into something new.'"

Dr. Woo's partnership is most clearly visible in the "W" featured on the bags, complimenting the expected googly eyes and cute limbs.

The collaboration is releasing this October, and available across READYMADE's official stockists. Check out their official website for further details.

Below, we compile the new products and the visuals directed and photographed by Dr. Woo.

The Products

Doll Bag Khaki
Doll Bag White
Monster Bag Khaki
Monster Bag White
Monster Bag Fur

Dr. Woo's Visuals